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Community Spotlight: Chicago

Roll Call Chicagoland will host its first event in a our new downtown location at Park Tavern and will enjoying the new space by spotlighting some community organizations that are thriving in the downtown area. We’ll speak with panelists covering employment, education, and community service, while tying their efforts all back to how each of their organizations can make a positive impact in the lives of our job-seeking veterans and mentors in the room.

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2019 Calendar

Here’s a snapshot of our calendar for the year. Save the dates and mark your calendars for all of our upcoming events in 2019! (Note that certain months identified by an asterisk (*) will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month to accommodate holiday and other event conflicts.)

1/8/2019* Schaumburg

2/5/2019 Gurnee

3/5/2019 Chicago

4/2/2019 Schaumburg

5/7/2019 Gurnee

6/11/2019* Chicago

7/9/2019* Schaumburg

8/6/2019 Gurnee

9/3/2019 Chicago

10/1/2019 Schaumburg

11/5/2019 Gurnee

12/3/2019 Chicago